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Nicole Chance

Hello my name is Nicole Chance and I am a freshman majoring in agricultural communications at the University of Illinois. I grew up on a two-thousand acre grain farm and farrow-to-finish hog operation in Lebanon, Indiana. As an out of state student, coming to U of I was a completely different change. I knew absolutely no one coming here and for me it was an intimidating but exciting feeling. Living at 4-H house has given me a family that I never would have dreamed of. I am so proud to be apart of a sisterhood of girls that are always there for each other and support one another on a day-to-day basis.

Along with living in the house, I also had the opportunity to intern at the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) held in Louisville, Kentucky, this past fall. I worked with a team of four girls and we wrote press releases available for immediate release and pitched those stories to other news outlets across the country. You can surprise yourself with how much you can learn in just one week!

Being an advocate for the agriculture industry has been a dream comes true, and I know that at 4-H House; I am surrounded by aspiring young women that feel the exact same way I do!

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Renee Tillman

My name is Renee Tillman and I am a freshman studying speech and hearing science. I grew up in Altamont, IL. Something unique about my 4-H House experience is that I have the pleasure of living in the house with my older sister, Rachel. But even more unique is the fact that I am not in the College of ACES, I am in AHS, or applied health sciences.

Last semester I had two classes with girls from the house who are also in the College of AHS. It was really nice to sit in a lecture of 600 students and know at least one friendly face. This semester I am blessed to be in a class with five other 4-H girls. Since I am the only 4-H House girl In many of my classes, I have the opportunity to share what the house is like and meet a lot of new people. I am able to have a supportive group of girls that I can come home to, but also get to meet a lot of neat people that have majors similar to mine.

Overall, living at 4-H House has given me the confidence to meet new people. I don’t know how I would have ever been able to adjust to this campus life without the support of the 4-H House girls. Currently I am the House’s historian and assistant secretary. On campus I am a part of the National Student Speech Hearing Language Association and a Bailey scholar.


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Emily Bloemer

Hi! My name is Emily Bloemer, and I am a freshman majoring in Agri-Accounting. I am from the lovely town of Heyworth, Illinois. In my free time, I love to spend time with my family, friends, and the outdoors. From the moment I interviewed to be part of 4-H House, I fell in love with the environment that this cooperative lifestyle encourages. I had girls that were willing to show me the tips and tricks of surviving freshman year, and the house truly became and still is a home away from home. While not participating in 4-H House events, I am actively involved with ACES Council as a freshmen ambassador, ACE Club, and Accounting Club. I was also elected as this year’s 4-H House Treasurer. One of the proudest moments so far in my college experience was becoming a JBT scholar. I highly recommend any incoming College of ACES students to apply for this wonderful opportunity! Truly, I love being a College of ACES student, 4-H House member, and Illini fan. Go Illini!

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Faith Wendte

My name is Faith Wendte, and I am from Altamont, IL. I am a junior majoring in Agribusiness, Markets & Management and minoring in Crop and Soil Management. After graduation I plan to attend graduate school at the University of Illinois and receive a Master’s in Agricultural Economics. So far my experience at the University of Illinois has been wonderful. I have gotten to meet many new people such as students from other countries, professors, and business men and women from the community. I am a member of the James Scholar Honors Program and have had the opportunity to work closely with my professors and will perform undergraduate research during my senior year. I enjoy being in the College of ACES because there is always a familiar face when you’re walking down the hallway of a building or when you’re in the classroom looking for a seat. Besides the academic part of school, I’ve enjoyed attending football games and tailgates and just having fun as a college student. Being a part of 4-H House has helped prepare me for the professional world that awaits me upon graduation. Being involved on campus is very important and is a good way to meet other people and see what opportunities are out there waiting. The U of I and 4-H House are great places to grow as an individual and develop into a young professional that will someday make a huge difference in this ever-changing world.

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4-H House Cookbook

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2014 Fall Homefront

Click here for the 2014 Fall Homefront

We are loving the new look of the Homefront – thanks to the committee that put it together.

Check it out for the latest news on the 80th Celebration along with the scholastic achievements of the house girls.

Online ordering will be available soon for shirts, scarves, and cookbooks.

The alum board and your sisters are looking forward to seeing you in September!


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2014 Spring Homefront

Click here to read the latest edition: 2014 Spring Homefront

The Homefront has been redesigned!!

With a team effort of 4-H House Actives and Alumni Board Members, the Homefront has a new look! A huge thank you goes out to Debbie Rudin, the Alumni Relations Chair for having the time, energy, and vision to drive this new design to fruition!

80th Celebration Information and Registration

This edition of the Homefront contains an insert with details and registration forms for the 80th Celebration.

IMPORTANTWe encourage alumni and current house members to review the 80th Celebration information, print, complete and mail in your registration today!

An online version will also be available soon! Stay tuned for updates on how to register online!


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2013 Fall Homefront

2013 Fall Homefront-final


Link to the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Y5YKZML

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Kelsie Vaile

Hey everyone! My name is Kelsie Vaile and this fall I will be a junior majoring in Animal Sciences with a Technology and Management concentration. Shocking, I know. An animal science major that doesn’t want to be a vet? While I love helping all kinds of animals, my interests are more on the production animal side of animal agriculture.

This summer I lived in Champaign with a few other house sisters and caught up on some classes, and also began working at the University’s Meat Science Lab. At the Meat Science Lab I worked at the sales counter and packaged and sold meat to the customers that came in. I also learned more about the processing side of harvesting animals and the journey they take from pasture to plate. I plan to continue working here throughout the school year and to keep learning more about the process.


Living in Champaign during the summer is something I am glad that I did and also something I recommend all college students to do at some point in their 4 years here. It’s a whole different town in the summer and you really get to experience campus like never before. You can lounge at the ARC pool during the day and spend time with your friends in your “fancy big kid” apartment at night.

While I enjoyed my summer here while it lasted, I am extremely anxious to get back into the house and be reunited with all of my “sisters” once again. If it weren’t for 4-H House I would not have met all the best friends I have now and have as many professional connections that I do. I would bargain to say that living in the house is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I can’t wait to get back!


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Shelby Lahey


My name is Shelby Lahey and this fall I will be a senior majoring in agricultural leadership sciences. The start of my summer was spent studying for finals while I was abroad in Australia. My classes abroad were over the first week of June and then I had exams the last two weeks of June. Australia does things a little different but graciously when it comes to finals. I got a whole week off before my final exams started, it was called study week. J



During that week instead of studying like a maniac I spent some time visiting a few places I had not been yet. I am blessed to have met an Australian girl who lived at the house as part of the Angus Youth Australia Scholarship Program. This girl is the whole reason I studied abroad and went to Australia. Her name is Trinity. I spent this week spending more time with her and her family at their holiday home in Molloy Island. On the way back I saw my first and only wild emu. I also went to the one place in the world the southern and Indian Ocean meet!




Upon arrival to the states I was able to get my life in order for 3 days before I started my internship at Unit 18’s Macoupin County Extension office. I interned here last year as extra help for the 4-H program coordinator. This year they bumped me up to a leadership and programming extra help. This summer I have been given the task to create, plan and deliver 3 programs; Macoupin County Board Shadowing, Christian County Board Shadowing, and a Unit-wide HCE retreat. All of my programs take place next week during my last week in the office.


Along with these programs I have been able to do a variety of other tasks. I was able to be in charge of an event that took place at Beaver Dam, a state park in the area. The program was for our Royal Lakes 4-H club, where they learned about the park, horticulture, and healthy eating. I also was asked to teach our local robotics camp for a week while the lady who would normally do it was on vacation. I for one know nothing about robotics but after observing for a day I was able to teach the kids all the information and even have a little soccer match with our Lego robots we built!!


This summer has been a great experience, filled with lots of memories but I am sure excited to get back to 805 Ohio!!


Shelby Lahey


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