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Since 1934, 4-H House has served as a home-away-from-home for college women attending the University of Illinois. 4-H House women benefit directly from the generosity of alumnae and friends, like you, who share in the commitment to the generations of women who have lived and grown at 4-H House. Gifts are used to support scholarships, house improvements and programming for the women of 4-H House. These opportunities are possible through your support.

Listed below are the current funds that support the women of 4-H House. If you feel strongly about a certain project or program not listed here, please use the link for the "Golden & Growing Fund" and, in the notes section, indicate where you would like your gift to be directed. Please note that contributions to the "Golden & Growing Fund" are not tax deductible. Gifts made for educational purposes, such as the scholarship funds and the Mary McKee Fund, qualify as a tax deduction.

After each fund description, you will have the opportunity to contribute online. You will be redirected to our secure PayPal site for your personal and credit card information.

To name Illinois 4-H House Association in your will or trust documents: “I leave (% of estate/$ amount/residue) to the Illinois 4-H House Association (Tax ID 37-6046465) located in the State of Illinois.”

If you are interested in naming Illinois 4-H House Association as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, life insurance policy, or bank/brokerage account:

Illinois 4-H House
Association Tax ID: 37-6046465
105 N. Main St.,
P.O. Box 522
St. Joseph, IL 61873

As always, please feel free to mail your contribution. Make your check payable to Illinois 4-H House Association (delineate one of the current funds on the memo line if desired) and mail to the address below:

IL 4-H House Association
105 N. Main St.,
P.O. Box 522 St.

Joseph, IL 61873

We are pleased to partner with Royal Bookkeeping Services LLC. The Association's PO box is located across the street from our bookkeeping service and is being monitored on a regular basis. They collect the mail and subsequently deposit checks while forwarding all donation notes, bills, and other correspondence to the Association treasurer. Mary (Bluhm) Schmitz ’94 is the founder and president of RBS LLC; her unique qualifications have contributed to a very successful working relationship.

Ways to Give:

Your gift will support a number of current Strategic Projects, which include Clover Challenge, contributions towards the Window Replacement Project, and Class Memorials. You are invited to designate a preference in the notes, and every effort will be made to use your donation accordingly.

Your gift will be applied to the outstanding balance of the Renovation Loan, which was established in 2015 to complete the major renovation project that ensured the future of the 4-H House building structure at 805 W. Ohio.

Your gift will support ongoing repair, maintenance, and replacement costs for the 4-H House building structure.

Given in memory of Jen '97 and Jackie '01 Esworthy, this scholarship is awarded to an active house member each spring.

This scholarship is awarded to the 4-H House woman who receives the House Service Award each semester.

Given in memory of Nedra Wesson, this scholarship is awarded to a freshman, sophomore or junior on the basis of service, involvement, determination and compassion.

This fund provides an annual scholarship in memory of Rachel Strode Hamilton.

(The donation screen may initially display 'Mary McKee Educational Fund.' It is, however linked directly and only to the Hamilton Fund.)

The Mary McKee Educational Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization that accepts and administers gifts made to 4-H House that are educational in manner. The organization is governed by a board of directors slated by the Alumni Association Board and voted on by the active, honorary and alumni members of 4-H House.

Funds are distributed in the following prioritized manner:

  1. Technology related to the educational needs of 4-H House
  2. Educational materials that serve the women of 4-H House
  3. Emergency loans and grants to active members living in 4-H House
  4. Scholastic awards for active members living in 4-H House
  5. Scholarships for 4-H House women

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The Illinois 4-H House Alumni Association
is primarily responsible for the efficient operation and governance of the house.
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