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2018 Fall Homefront

2018 Fall Homefront

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2018 Annual Association Meeting

Check out the Annual Meeting/Homecoming Schedule – hope to see you there!


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2017 Summer Homefront

2017 Summer Homefront

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Distinguished Alumni Award

Distinguished Alumni Award Application


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4-H House Cookbook

Printable order form for the

4-H House Cookbook

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1960 House Bill

Here is a fun little bit of history!


4-H House 1960


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Spring 2016 Homefront

2016 Spring Homefront

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Fall 2015 Homefront

2015 Fall Homefront


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Renovation Updates

Update 5/28/15

Update 6/20/15

Update 7/7/15

Update 7/10/15





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Congratulations to the following girls on receiving scholarships

  • Patricia Ann Borelli – Audrey Hoene
  • Nedra Wesson – Emily Bloemer
  • Jennifer and Jackie Esworthy Memorial Scholarship – Kelsey Litchfield
  • Debbie Steck Steele – Kelsey Litchfield
  • Mom T Service Award – Audrey Hoene
  • Mom T Scholarship – Faith Wendte & Danielle Cooney

Also congratulations go out to these girls on GPA achievements!

Most Improved GPA

  • Sophomore – Taylor Hardy +1.07
  • Junior- Kaylee Salm +1.08
  • Senior – Nicole Nelson +.61

GPA’s above Panhel Average


  • Emily Bloemer
  • Hannah Hedinger
  • Audrey Hoene
  • Sarah Kramer
  • Krista Temple
  • Renee Tillman
  • Charlee Walker
  • Faith Wendte
  • Loralee Wilson
  • Olivia Wilson


  • Carol Baumann
  • Tessa Coswer
  • Erin Kettlekamp
  • Abby Marten
  • Hannah Teske


  • Megan Bloemer
  • Katherine Johnson
  • Kaylee Salm
  • Rachel Tillman


  • Erica Navis
  • Nicole Nelson
  • Kelsi Ubbenga
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Krista Temple

Hey! I’m Krista Temple, a freshman majoring in Agricultural Communications. I grew up on a family farm near Fulton, IL. I was involved in 4-H for 10 years and many other extra curricular activities in high school. Coming to the University of Illinois and living at 4-H House were the dreams of my 4-year-old self coming true. I have eight relatives that have lived at the house and now it’s finally my turn!

I had a fantastic first semester at the University of Illinois and here at 4-H House! I had opportunities to research many topics that were interesting and relevant to me. One of these research projects was working with a professor on GMO news articles in Ghana, which was very interesting.

I also started a blog at kdtemple.wordpress.com, which has been a great experience!

I love living at 4-H House and the wonderful friends it has provided me with. Having upperclassman to guide me in my first semester was a HUGE blessing!

This semester, I have the privilege of serving as Chaplain and Public Relations Chair (so I get to post these wonderful blogs and all the things you see on Facebook and Twitter.)

College has been a great adventure so far and I can’t wait to see what the next few years have in store!


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