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Kelsie Vaile

Hey everyone! My name is Kelsie Vaile and this fall I will be a junior majoring in Animal Sciences with a Technology and Management concentration. Shocking, I know. An animal science major that doesn’t want to be a vet? While I love helping all kinds of animals, my interests are more on the production animal side of animal agriculture.
This summer I lived in Champaign with a few other house sisters and caught up on some classes, and also began working at the University’s Meat Science Lab. At the Meat Science Lab I worked at the sales counter and packaged and sold meat to the customers that came in. I also learned more about the processing side of harvesting animals and the journey they take from pasture to plate. I plan to continue working here throughout the school year and to keep learning more about the process.

Living in Champaign during the [ ]

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Shelby Lahey

My name is Shelby Lahey and this fall I will be a senior majoring in agricultural leadership sciences. The start of my summer was spent studying for finals while I was abroad in Australia. My classes abroad were over the first week of June and then I had exams the last two weeks of June. Australia does things a little different but graciously when it comes to finals. I got a whole week off before my final exams started, it was called study week. J

During that week instead of studying like a maniac I spent some time visiting a few places I had not been yet. I am blessed to have met an Australian girl who lived at the house as part of the Angus Youth Australia Scholarship Program. This girl is the whole reason I studied abroad and went to Australia. Her name is Trinity. I spent this week [ ]

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Liz Koehler

Hola! My name is Liz Koehler and I am going to be a senior this year majoring in Agricultural Communications with a broadcast focus and minoring in Environmental Economics and Policy. This summer I am interning at the Illinois Farm Bureau with RFD Radio Network in Bloomington, Ill. There, I learned the ins and outs of the radio business. I am on-air almost everyday and do a special legislative update each week. I also am working to redesign their FarmWeekNow.com website, beta testing their new app and have begun the @FarmWeekNow Twitter account. I’ve been able to make great contacts throughout the industry and have loved every second of it. I spend about half of my time in the field getting interviews and adventuring the state. I spend a lot of my spare time on the weekends visiting friends and family. My oldest brother, Ethan, just graduated from U of [ ]

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Danielle Cooney

It’s summer!! Yay! So, for those who don’t know me, My name is Danielle, I’m going to be a sophomore this fall and I am majoring in Crop Sciences with a concentration in biotechnology.
This has been a summer of growing up; my first job, first apartment. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have been blessed to be able to share an apartment with five other awesome 4-h house girls and it has really made the experience way better. Especially because, learning to cook on your own, for just yourself is way less fun than having cook crews at the house, or even better yet, a meal mom cooked!
During the day I am interning for Bayer Crop Science in White Heath, IL. Through this internship I get to complete field research on corn and soybean plants. The scientist I work with focuses primarily on the effect of [ ]

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Amanda Rosendale

This summer, I have been interning at Ed Miniat, Inc in South Holland, IL. Ed Miniat is a meat processing facility that makes products to either be added into other ingredients or to go to restaurants, for example Chipotle. I worked in the Quality Assurance department on projects that have improved product safety and quality, which in turn saved the company money. I also was able to work closely with suppliers to fill gaps of information we may have had. The internship concluded with a presentation of my projects to the President and Vice Presidents of the company. Overall, I had a great experience this summer. Moving to this southern Chicago suburb was very interesting, but I am ready to get back home and start my last year of school.

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Taylor Walk

Hello! My name is Taylor Walk and I am a senior at the University of Illinois majoring in Kinesiology. I spent the first 3 weeks of my summer studying abroad in Europe. The University of Illinois had 14 kids in the class and we met up with my Professor’s colleague from Rice University in Texas and his 14 students for a total of 30 of us on the trip. I spent time in London, York, Edinburgh, and Liverpool. While in the UK I studied healthcare policy and met with The Royal College of General Practitioners, British Medical Association (BMA), BUPA (Private Health Care Company), London School of Tropical Medicine, and other health related companies. The trip flew by and the days were long and busy. Each weekday morning I went to a site visit and learned about healthcare, and certain days I would have [ ]

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Kayla Meisner

Hello everyone! I am Kayla Meisner and I am going to be a sophomore majoring in Animal Sciences. This year was my last year as a 4-H member so I spent my summer preparing my projects for my county fair. I was determined to make this last year a great one! On June 19th we had our general show and I received State Fair Delegate with my photography project. The next day was our dog show and as a first time dog shower I received a blue ribbon. I just finished up my fair week and it was definitely a fun one. It started off on July 6th with our rabbit show and I received all blue ribbons and my three rabbits placed in the higher numbers of their classes. I received the senior showmanship award as well. The livestock show was on Monday July 8th and my sister [ ]

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Alexis Foster

Hi everyone! My name is Alexis Foster and I will be a junior in the fall majoring in Animal Sciences. This summer I have an internship at Wildlife Prairie Park in Hanna City, IL. If you have not visited the park before, let me give a little explanation of what it is. It is a park that has animals that are or once native to Illinois. At the park I work in the Education Department. Working for the Education Department, I have the opportunity to teach people about all the different animals that call the park their home. I also get the chance to handle and feed the animals that are in the care of the Education Department. This means I take of raptors, skunks, snakes, turtles and frogs. I have been trained to handle some of the raptors that [ ]

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Kaylee Salm

Hi, my name is Kaylee Salm and I will be a sophomore studying Crop Sciences this fall. After school ended I spent one day at home and then had to move to my summer job. This summer I am working as an intern at the DuPont Field Station in Rochelle, Illinois. When I first arrived we were in the midst of planting season and worked very hard to get all of the corn and soybeans into the ground between the rain showers. Besides corn and soybeans, there are many different plants on the field station; we have 15 different varieties of dry beans, safflower, citron melon, musk melon, sorghum, several Chinese vegetables, and pumpkins. Our main responsibility is spraying these studies; we use a small ten foot, 2 row boom to walk on all of the chemicals while wearing a white [ ]

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Taylor Greenstreet

Hello everybody! My name is Taylor Greenstreet and I will be a junior in the fall majoring in Agricultural Communications with a concentration in advertising with a minor in Crop and Soils Management. This summer I am working as a regulatory intern at the Monsanto Agronomy Center in my hometown, Monmouth, IL. This means that I work with products in the field that are still within Monsanto’s pipeline, which I find very exciting because these products are the future tools that farmer’s will be able to use to feed the world even more efficiently!
In my spare time I enjoy catching up with my friends and family and working with my family’s show cattle herd. I also have an adorable corgi named Buddy who I love to talk about . This summer I’m also going to the Current River in Missouri, which I am very much looking forward to! My family [ ]

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