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Carmen Savage

My name is Carmen Savage and I will be a freshman at the University of Illinois this fall. I plan on majoring in Animal Sciences and then attending Veterinary School after I receive my bachelor’s degree. I grew up on a farm in Ashland and have always wanted to be a veterinarian. For the past two years, I have been volunteering at my local veterinary clinic and this has definitely reinforced my decision to go into veterinary medicine. While at the clinic, I have been able to observe and help with appointments and surgeries, assist with the animals and customers, and do many other things.
In high school I was active in several different clubs including Student Council, Spanish Club, S.T.A.R. (Students Teaching About Resistance), FFA, 4-H, Marching/Pep/Concert Band, and my church Youth Group. I have also played basketball and volleyball throughout my high school career. [ ]

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Hailey Gehlbach

My name is Hailey Gehlbach and I will be a junior at the U of I this fall. I’m majoring in agriculture consumer and economics – public policy and law. I attended Lincoln College for my first two years of college. At Lincoln I was involved in many activities; I was a cheerleader, a member of the honors fraternity, a member of the rotaract club, a student tutor, and a student librarian. I loved being involved in these groups and had a lot of fun in them, I hope to have just as much a good off a time at The University of Illinois. My ultimate goal, career and school wise, is to attend law school and become an agriculture attorney. This summer I have been busy taking my sheep to different shows, add well as helping my brother with his. I’m really excited for move in day, and to [ ]

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Natalie Walk

My name is Natalie Walk and I will be living in the 4-H Sorority House this fall. I am a junior transfer new member. I graduated from Neoga High School and went to Eastern Illinois for two years. My major is Agricultural Engineering. This summer has been very busy for me; I have taken two summer classes, one which I am still currently taking, I have been working at Buffalo Wild Wings in Mattoon, Illinois, and I try to find time to spend time with my friends when I’m not doing homework or working! My boyfriend’s name is Kyle, and he will be attending SIUC this fall, so we won’t be very close to each other.
This year, Sigel celebrated its 150th birthday. There were two separate weekends for this celebration: June 1-2 and June 29-30. Commode races were held on June 29, and [ ]

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Rebecca Reis

Hey everyone, my name is Rebecca Ries (Becki) and I will be a sophomore studying Animal Science. This upcoming school year will be my first year living in the house and I am beyond excited for what this year will bring. Many of the ladies in the house share my major and were in my classes this past year, so I am happy to have some new study buddies as well as new friends! This summer I have kept very busy by shadowing at a local vet clinic in Waterloo, IL. The experiences that I have encountered while working at the clinic are ones that I could not have had in a classroom. The vets let me tag along when they go on farm calls and I am encouraged to watch as many surgeries as I can. The Waterloo Vet Clinic is a very well-known animal hospital in our area [ ]

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Tessa Cowser

Hello, my name is Tessa Cowser and I will be a freshmen this fall at the University of Illinois with a Animal Sciences major. I grew up on a farm outside Princeville, Illinois and have been around agriculture my whole life. Three years ago I started working for my family’s sow farm and have gained lots of knowledge and experience with animals. I work in the farrowing department, so my duties include: feeding, giving shots, sleeving sows, castrating and tattooing piglets, and much more. Between my experience working at the sow farm and being involved in FFA and 4-H, I have grown to have a passion for animals and the agriculture industry. In high school, I was involved in various activities such as the school play, track, Math Team, National Honor Society, and, my favorite, FFA. Through FFA and other activities I’ve acquired leadership skills from serving as various officers, [ ]

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Kelsey Litchfield

Hello! My name is Kelsey Litchfield and I will be a freshman at the University of Illinois this fall. I am majoring in Agricultural Communications and I chose this major based upon the impact agriculture has had throughout my life so far. I grew up in a small village of about 250 people and attended a high school with four other towns. Being a part of such a small community, I was very involved. In sports, I was a cheerleader and a softball player. Some of the clubs I was in were FFA, 4-H, National Honor Society, Student Council, Mission Team, and band. Being in such remarkable groups has taught me responsibility, leadership skills, and has given me a better work ethic. FFA and 4-H has given me opportunities that influenced my decision to major in Ag Communications, attend University of Illinois, and pursue a career in agriculture. I [ ]

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