Shelby Lahey


My name is Shelby Lahey and this fall I will be a senior majoring in agricultural leadership sciences. The start of my summer was spent studying for finals while I was abroad in Australia. My classes abroad were over the first week of June and then I had exams the last two weeks of June. Australia does things a little different but graciously when it comes to finals. I got a whole week off before my final exams started, it was called study week. J



During that week instead of studying like a maniac I spent some time visiting a few places I had not been yet. I am blessed to have met an Australian girl who lived at the house as part of the Angus Youth Australia Scholarship Program. This girl is the whole reason I studied abroad and went to Australia. Her name is Trinity. I spent this week spending more time with her and her family at their holiday home in Molloy Island. On the way back I saw my first and only wild emu. I also went to the one place in the world the southern and Indian Ocean meet!




Upon arrival to the states I was able to get my life in order for 3 days before I started my internship at Unit 18’s Macoupin County Extension office. I interned here last year as extra help for the 4-H program coordinator. This year they bumped me up to a leadership and programming extra help. This summer I have been given the task to create, plan and deliver 3 programs; Macoupin County Board Shadowing, Christian County Board Shadowing, and a Unit-wide HCE retreat. All of my programs take place next week during my last week in the office.


Along with these programs I have been able to do a variety of other tasks. I was able to be in charge of an event that took place at Beaver Dam, a state park in the area. The program was for our Royal Lakes 4-H club, where they learned about the park, horticulture, and healthy eating. I also was asked to teach our local robotics camp for a week while the lady who would normally do it was on vacation. I for one know nothing about robotics but after observing for a day I was able to teach the kids all the information and even have a little soccer match with our Lego robots we built!!


This summer has been a great experience, filled with lots of memories but I am sure excited to get back to 805 Ohio!!


Shelby Lahey


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