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Rebecca Reis

Hey everyone, my name is Rebecca Ries (Becki) and I will be a sophomore studying Animal Science. This upcoming school year will be my first year living in the house and I am beyond excited for what this year will bring. Many of the ladies in the house share my major and were in my classes this past year, so I am happy to have some new study buddies as well as new friends! This summer I have kept very busy by shadowing at a local vet clinic in Waterloo, IL. The experiences that I have encountered while working at the clinic are ones that I could not have had in a classroom. The vets let me tag along when they go on farm calls and I am encouraged to watch as many surgeries as I can. The Waterloo Vet Clinic is a very well-known animal hospital in our area and is one of the few that actually do emergency calls. While in the clinic I mostly watch spays and neuters on dogs and cats. These are the most common surgeries done in the hospital and the most common animals that we take care of. Since we are an emergency clinic we encounter quite a few animals that have been hit by cars. This summer we had a kitten that was rushed in after being hit on a busy highway. This kitten was in bad shape and we were not sure whether or not it would survive. Doctor Shannon at the clinic had to remove one of the kitten’s front paws and had to repair a torn muscle in its abdomen. Luckily, this little kitty is happy and healthy now and I am actually fostering it this summer until it is ready to go to a good home! While on farm calls you see a much greater variety of procedures. I have been lucky enough to help with a necropsy on a cow (same as an autopsy that is done on a human), help nurse a baby goat back to health, ultrasound horses, etc. I especially love going on farm calls, not just because it spices things up, but because large animals are my main interest. This fall I plan to continue to stay busy and be very involved with U of I’s extracurricular activities. I am currently the Freshman Representative for the College of ACES Student Council, and am very involved with Axiom, a campus church group. Being in the house I will have even more opportunities to get involved and plan on taking those opportunities and helping with anything that I can.


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