Kaylee Salm

Hi, my name is Kaylee Salm and I will be a sophomore studying Crop Sciences this fall. After school ended I spent one day at home and then had to move to my summer job. This summer I am working as an intern at the DuPont Field Station in Rochelle, Illinois. When I first arrived we were in the midst of planting season and worked very hard to get all of the corn and soybeans into the ground between the rain showers. Besides corn and soybeans, there are many different plants on the field station; we have 15 different varieties of dry beans, safflower, citron melon, musk melon, sorghum, several Chinese vegetables, and pumpkins. Our main responsibility is spraying these studies; we use a small ten foot, 2 row boom to walk on all of the chemicals while wearing a white Tyvek suit and other protective gear. Some studies though we have to wear a respirator, a yellow Tyvek suit, and a yellow hood making us look like giant bananas in the field, which is quite comical. Other things we have done include; counting stands of corn and beans, counting the number of cabbage worms on cabbage, rototilling for volunteer monitoring, walking corn and soybeans, and preparing for tours. After a day that started at five am and consisted mostly of hoeing the whole time, I now fully appreciate the glyphosate resistance in crops, hoeing is not a fun job. The coolest part about working here is when you get to see your hard work pay off, whether it is through watching the herbicide that you sprayed actually work, seeing a successful tour go through, or just seeing everything growing when the warm weather hit. It is very interesting to see how companies actually develop their products and to see how a commercial research farm is run. As well as learning how to work as a woman in a male dominated field as all of my coworkers are men which makes for some pretty interesting times. On the weekends I travel back home to Martinton, to prepare my 3 Hereford show cattle for my last 4-H Fair. All my work over the last eleven years will be worth it when I step into the ring for the last time as a 4-Her because I can say that I stuck with 4-H and it will always have in impact on my life. While I have enjoyed the opportunities and experiences of this summer, I cannot wait for life to slow down just a little bit when I am back at school and back with my Eta sisters.


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